After leaving behind a project management role with the Civil Service and prising myself from the seat of a drum kit I took myself back to college to study photography.

    Two years later I had finished at Leeds College of Technology with a BTEC in photography/design. I added a third year of training at the National Council for Training Journalists (NCTJ at Sheffield) where I learned the skills of the press photographer. Not my original intention but this has put me in good stead for the amount of events and press calls I have been asked to do since leaving college in 2000. 

    I cover a broad range of photographic disciplines working for a variety of clients. This includes PR & Advertising, Corporate Events, Product shots, Fashion, Staff Portraits, Interiors and Portraiture for musicians, artists and actors.

    I am always looking for interesting commissions so if you have a project in mind please get in touch. I supply high quality images, ensuring I meet the demands of the brief and always to the specified timescales. 

    I have more recently started shooting footage for short films and Corporate Video. It feels refreshing shooting moving images and putting together footage to tell a story rather than capturing a single image. I have a small team of professionals I can pull together for this so if you have something in mind give me a call.

I can be contacted on 01937 558505 (office) or 0787 6500934 (mobile). You can also email me at